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Wegg 3 - STELAR 1
Introducing the first speaker of an all new line: the STELAR 1

AAD 7001

American Acoustic Development LLC is far more than just another loudspeaker company.
It' s the embodiment of many years of musical learning and the passionate pursuit of engineering excellence by Phil Jones, AAD' s founder and technical director.
In fact, Phil is one of the few people in the electronics industry who' s never lost touch with music and musicians. AAD' s sister company, Phil Jones Bass , supplies high performance products for professional bass players throughout the world.

But what' s AAD' s mission? Simply put, AAD brings that same sensitivity and engineering knowledge to everyone interested in extraordinary sound quality.

AAD makes no distinction between audiophiles and movie aficionados. Both want and deserve the best aural reproduction possible. And, as you' ll soon see on this web site, AAD products deliver.

AAD C-660
System: 3 Way Floor Standing loudspeaker.



XINDAK - Compass 1.5MK2

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